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miércoles 12 de mayo

Reading: Tour of Sra. Rebolone's Book Room

Yesterday we talked about visualization, creating a picture or movie in your head as your read. I read you "Moira's Birthday" and had you draw pictures as I read the story. Today you get to choose a book or books to read and use visualization to better understand what you are reading.

Some of you asked to see my new book room so today's video is a tour of my favourite room with some of my favourite things .... BOOKS!

Materials needed:

educación fisica (para toda la semana)

Follow the link below for this week's PE choice board. 

PE Choice board


Health (for the whole week)

What big kid skills have your learned? Click on the link below to get your check list. Have you learned any big kid skills this pastweek? Two weeks?

Big kid skills checklist