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Monday May 17th

Animal Needs & Classifications

Welcome to a new science unit! We are starting Animal Life Cycles!

To kick off our unit, we are going to learn all about different types of animals, but first, we need to learn the one thing that ALL animals have in common... THEIR NEEDS!


Learning Task:


1. At our 1pm class meeting today, we will be reading the first page in "Our Living Planet" booklet that was sent home. Follow along or listen to the live video on our TEAMS account to answer the questions in your book.


2. Then, watch this video and be introduced to all the different types of animals that live on our planet. In this video you will learn about the ways scientists sort different animals into groups that share similar qualities. 

MINDS ON - While watching, think about these 5 questions:

  1. The two largest groups of animals are vertebrates and invertebrates. What is the difference between these two groups?
  2. Can you name one example of an invertebrate and one example of a vertebrate?
  3. How can you tell the difference between a reptile and an amphibian?
  4. What is the one group of animals that have feathers?
  5. What group of animals do humans belong to?

Video Lesson Extension 

Write down the questions and their answers in a notebook that you brought home in your homework package. You can write the questions before watching and follow along with the video, or do it all at the end!