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Tuesday May 11th- Thursday May 13th

Nova Scotia Comic Story!

Use this chart and follow the steps to complete social studies this week! 

Tuesday: Step #1 and Step #2

Wednesday: Step #3

Thursday: Step #4


What You Need To Have In Your Comic Story?


    1. How are you going to get there?

  1. Bus, train, car, plane?
  2. What direction do you need to go in?


  1. Why would you want to go there? Why is it special?
  1. What natural resources does Nova Scotia have that you might see?
  2. What goods can you buy?


  1. What are 3 things you are going to see and do when you are there?
  1. What sites will you see?
  2. What will you eat?
  3. Where will you go?
  4. What are some fun things you can do?


Learning Tasks for the Week


Tuesday May 11th

1. Complete steps 1&2 by drawing the circle map on a blank piece of printer paper. 

2. In the map, do a brain dump of all the things you can remember about Meteghan and Nova Scotia. Use the guiding questions in step 1 and 2 to help you brainstorm!



Wednesday May 12th

1. Complete step 3 and start to write and sketch out your brainstorm from yesterday into your comic strip boxes found in your home package.

2. Watch these two videos on writing comics. They will teach you all about how to use simple shapes for super characters and how to make you characters talk using word balloons!



Thursday May 13th

1. Complete step 4 by using today to finish up your Nova Scotia comic. Reread it over to make sure it makes sense! 

2. Color your comic sketches and make them look beautiful! Turn this into a final copy that you will had in back at school.