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Monday May 17th

Autobiography Poem

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Today, you are going to take the unique and special things about you and make an autobiography poem!


What is an autobiography poem?

A poem that tells all about YOU!

How do I write an autobiography poem about myself?

All you have to do is follow a specific formula and you will have your very own autobiography poem!


Learning Task - MUST do:

1. On a blank or lined piece of scrap paper, you are going to make you page look like this:


Your First Name

________, __________, __________, __________

(Four adjectives (descriptive words) to describe YOU)

Child  of ___________ and ____________

Lover of _____________, ___________, ______________

Who feels ___________, ___________, ______________

Who needs ___________, _____________, _______________

Who gives ___________, _____________, _______________

Who hopes for  ______________, _______________, _____________

Who would like to see ______________, _______________, _____________

Resident of ____________________________________

(Street, town, country)

Your Last Name


2. Fill in the blanks about yourself!

3. Grab your poetry booklet and transfer your best work into the "Autobiography Poem" page!