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Thursday May 13th

Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poems are poems made out of 1 word! You have probably seen many acrostic poems before, and maybe even have made one yourself! Let me jog your memory... we use lots of these in our classroom! Here are 2 examples we use often:

Example #1 - WIN Time Example #2 - Call the COPS on your Writing!




Capital Letters




Today we are going to practice thinking about strong topics and then we are going to spend some time writing acrostic poems about your topic word! 

Here is a video with many more examples:


Picking a Strong Topic:

When picking a topic to write about you have a lot to think about! Your topic needs to be a strong topic. A strong topic means that your can write a lot about that 1 word! In order to write a lot about a topic, you have no know a lot about the topic! There is no one you know better than yourself...


Learning Task - MUST do:

1. On a blank sheet on printer paper write your name in the middle. 

2. Then, write down some words that describe you all around your name! Do a brain dump about yourself. Think about adjectives (descriptive words), things you really enjoy, and things that make you, you!

3. Next, match up words that begin with some of the letters in your name. 

4. On the back side of your planning printer paper page, write your name in a vertical line down the left side of the page. Use your brain dump page to help you fill in your poem (the letters of your first name) using words that describe you! Remember, it is important to always write words and sentences ABOUT the topic. 

5. Transfer your rough draft copy from the printer paper into your Poetry booklet. Make it beautiful, use your best printing, and add color if you wish!


Task Challenge:

Write more than just one word about yourself! Take a word and extend it into a sentence. Go into lots of details! 


Extension - MAY do

Think about your own made up topic for another acrostic poem. Complete the steps above to brainstorm and practice writing it out before writing you good copy into the extra acrostic poem page in your Poetry booklet. 

Some Possible Topics:

  • Your favorite candy 
  • The best season 
  • Your pet or animal 
  • A sibling or family member's name
  • Your favorite thing to do