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Tuesday May 18th

Cinquain Poems

Today we are learning all about a new type of poem, called a Cinquain Poem.


What is a Cinquain Poem?


- Has 5 lines

- Doesn't have to rhyme 

- Looks like a diamond shape when you're done!


Learning Task

1. On a piece of scrap paper make a planning sheet that looks like this:

 __________  ,   __________
 __________  ,   __________ ,  __________

2. Fill in the blanks using this key:

Line 1: One noun (person, place, thing, animal)
Line 2: Two adjectives (descriptive words that describe the topic)
Line 3: Three "-ing" action verbs (ex. fallING, runnING, SwimmING) 
Line 4: Four-word phrase that captures feeling about the topic
Line 5: Another word for the noun on line one


3. Write a good copy of your cinquain poem into your poetry booklet with your best spelling, printing, and effort! Don't forget to draw a picture and color it! 



If you have any blank pages left from last week in your booklet, go back and write a poem using the correct format! 

OR go on to EpicBooks and type in the code: znb9068 type in the search bar "Poems" to see if you can find any other poems to inspire your writing!