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Friday May 21st

Friday Morning Math

Adding Money

Coins Intro Video:

  • These videos will help you learn more about adding money.

In Your Money Booklet:

  • Today’s Money Booklet work will be all about estimating and counting money.
  • Complete pages 130 “Adding Money”, 131, and “The Snack Shack Menu”. This is 4 pages in total
  • Try to complete the entire Money Booklet today.

Head to this website to try out the online Coin Counting game:

Today’s Money Themed Songs of the Day:




Origami Frog:

Frog Guided Drawing:

Origami Fish:

How To Draw A Realistic Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish):

How to Draw a Realistic Clownfish:

How to Draw a Sea Turtles:

How to Draw a Rattlesnake:

How to Draw Bruni the Salamander from Frozen Two: