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Thursday May 20th

Thursday Morning Math

Estimating and Counting Money

Coins Intro Video:

  • This video will help you learn more about Canadian coins and show how they are made.

In Your Money Booklet:

  • Today’s Money Booklet work will be all about estimating and counting money.
  • Complete pages 125, 126, 127, 128, and 129.
  • STOP when you reach the page titled “Adding Money”, this is page 130.

Head to this website to try out yesterday’s online Coin Counting game:

Today’s Money Themed Songs of the Day:

Thursday Poetry: Autobiography Poems

Thursday Poetry

Today we are continuing our Poetry unit by learning about Autobiography poems! An Autobiography poem is a poem that tells about you following a specific format.

This is how we will write Autobiography Poems:


Your Poetry Writing Task:

  1. In your daily journal or on a piece of paper you can create an Autobiography planning page that looks something like this: 

Your First Name

________, __________, __________, __________

(Four adjectives (descriptive words) to describe YOU)

Child  of ___________ and ____________

Lover of _____________, ___________, and ______________

Who feels ___________, ___________, and ______________

Who needs ___________, _____________, and _______________

Who gives ___________, _____________, and _______________

Who fears  ______________, _______________, and _____________

Who wants to see ______________, _______________, and_____________

Resident of ____________________________________

(Street, town, country)

Your Last Name


  1. Fill in the blanks about yourself!
  2. Grab your poetry booklet and transfer your best work into the "Autobiography Poem" page! There is only one good copy page so just make one good copy autobiography poem about yourself.

Thursday Picture Prompt Writing

Picture Prompts for Writer’s Workshop Notebook

  • Choose one of the following picture prompts and write a story about the picture in your Writer’s Workshop Notebook.


Picture Prompt Option 2

Picture Prompt Choice 3

Science: Animal Adaptations

Mystery Doug: Animal Adaptations

Watch the following videos and complete the last page of your Science Booklet: “Animal Adaptations… Imagine If!”

Animal Adaptation videos:


Afternoon Meeting Recording

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