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Thursday May 13th

Morning Meeting: Math

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Science: Birds

For Science This Afternoon: Birds!

Birds have feathers, two legs, and wings. Most birds use their legs for flying. An ostrich and penguin are examples of birds that have wings and feathers, but do not use them to fly. Like mammals, birds have lungs that they use to breathe air. Unlike mammals, birds hatch from eggs. Many birds care for their young after they are born. A mother bird needs to get food for her baby birds while they are still in the nest. They are unable to fly when they are young, so they cannot get food on their own. Feathers cover a bird’s body, but feathers can be used for different reasons. Some feathers help keep a bird warm, while other feathers help the birds fly.

Birds can be put in groups by common traits that they share. Beak shape can be used to help figure out what a bird eats. If a beak is long, the bird most likely uses it to reach into water to catch fish. Short beaks are typically on birds that eat seeds. You can also group birds by the shape of their foot. Birds that like to stand in water have long toes so they don’t sink into the mud or help them walk on lily pads. A barn owl has long, sharp talons on its feet to catch animals such as mice.

All About Birds:


Fun Facts About Birds:



You can explore yesterdays website link to explore and research about birds:

You can also explore and research birds on this website:

  • https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/animals-and-nature/animal-kingdom


Afternoon Meeting: Read Aloud and Writing

Writing Pages to Complete in Poppy Booklets for Thursday and Friday:

**Complete as many of the following pages in your Poppy Booklet as you can today and tomorrow.

  1. Cause and Effect in Poppy: Write Your Own
  2. Cause and Effect in Poppy: Fill in the Blank
  3. “It is so hard to be courageous. So hard to be a coward.” Poppy, Explain the quote and the importance it has in this story.
  4. Poppy is extremely brave and courageous. Write about a time YOU displayed a great amount of courage. Give details about the event including the setting, the people involved, your actions and your feelings.
  5. Letter to the author
  6. Lesson/Theme of Poppy
  7. What we can Learn from Poppy picture page
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