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Friday May 21st

Drawing Animals

In science we have been learning all about classifying animals! We took a deeper look into 3 different animal groups this week being mammals, birds, and reptiles! 

Today for art, YOU get to choose which art lesson you would like to follow based on what animal you would like to draw! Each animal is from a different animal group that we have been learning about. You can do 1, 2, or ALL of them if you so choose to!

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colors
  • Black marker


  • Start with a pencil, then move to a marker
  • Use a light drawing hand so if you make a mistake you can erase it easily
  • Sharpie bleeds through paper, so if you are using that as a marker to enhance your drawing, make sure you have another piece of paper under it!


Draw a Mammal: 


Draw a Bird:


Draw a Reptile: