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Monday May 17th

Money Makes "Cents"

Today in math we are going to make sure money makes "cents" to you!

Learning Task:

1. CANADA CREW Money Review Video:


2. Please CLICK HERE to play a "Spot it & Click it" game on Google Forms. You will see an amount and you need to click on option 1, 2, 3, or 4, depending on what one you think is the correct answer! Remember to have fun and try you best! 


3. Lastly, you can complete page 9 in your money math booklet (bottom left says "Number Sense 2-71"). On this page you will write the coin value from largest to smallest and then count the money to find out how many cents you have in total. 



CLICK HERE to play an online money math game

OR pull out your extras math booklet and/or extra array cutting and pasting pages and do some extra multiplication practice!