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Wednesday May 12th

Counting Coins

Now that we know the names and values of each Canadian coin, we can count them!


Counting Coins with the SAME value:

When we see pennies, we can count by 1s. (Need practice? CLICK HERE)

When we see nickels we can count by 5s. (Need practice? CLICK HERE)

When we see dimes we can count by 10s. (Need practice? CLICK HERE)

When we see quarters we can count by 25s. (Need practice? CLICK HERE)


Counting Coins with DIFFERENT values: 

This video is a great review of Canadian money and their values. Then, it teaches how to count coins with different values starting at the time 2:20.


Learning Task:

1. In your Money math booklet, SKIP PAGES 1,2,&3 and go to page 4. The title of this page is "Counting Coins."

2. Please count the coins to see how many cents are in each coin row and complete pages 4, 5, & 6 in your math booklet.

If you are having trouble with counting multiple different coins with different values use the 100 chart to help guide your counting!

                       Click to view larger


Complete the $20 bill counting page on page 7 in your math booklet and write the dollar amount on the line.