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Thursday May 20th


Thus far we have booked at 2 groups of animas, mammals and birds. Today we are going to look at a new group of animals, being reptiles! 

Watch this video to learn about the special things reptiles need in order to classify them as reptiles!


Key Takeaways:




Learning Task:

1. Watch the video about reptiles and look at the image to learn some facts about reptiles.

2. Open your science booklet to the "Reptiles" informational reading page to learn more about reptiles. Answer the questions at the bottom of the page. Need help reading? I am here to support you! Click the video below to have me read the information to you! 

3. Look at this image of a turtle's life cycle. Choose any reptile and draw the life cycle of the reptile of your choice in the space under question #1 on the "A Reptile's Life Cycle" page in your science booklet.

This Picture Shows Life Cycle Turtle Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 335981375

4. Complete questions #2-5 in your science booklet to complete the reptiles page.