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Thursday May 20th

Triplet Poems

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Triplet Poem Key Points:

- Has 3 lines

- The last word in each line rhymes

- Every line has the same amount of syllables (you choose how many syllables!)


Need another explanation? Click the video below:


Learning Task:

1. Find the "Triplet Poem Planning Sheet" in your poetry booklet. On the "title" line, write your poem topic. Think big! Think about something you know a lot about! 

Here are a few suggestions if you get stuck:

  • Your favorite season 
  • The best color (what things are that color?)
  • A sibling or family member
  • An activity you like to do

2. Complete the planning sheet by using the instructions to guide you through the planning steps. 

3. Once your planning sheet is complete, use your best spelling, printing and effort to create your final copy on the Triplet Poem page in your booklet!