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Tuesday May 18th

Cinquain Poems

Today we are learning all about a new type of poem, called a Cinquain Poem, to continue on with our poetry unit! Cinquain poems are similar to 2 other poems we have learned about last week, can you think of which ones? 

A Yummy Treat 

Ice cream.
Cold and yummy.
I love its sweet taste

What is a Cinquain Poem?


- Has 5 lines

- Doesn't have to rhyme 

- Looks like a diamond shape when you're done!


Learning Task

1. On a piece of scrap paper make a planning sheet that looks like this:

 __________  ,   __________
 __________  ,   __________ ,  __________

2. Fill in the blanks using this key:

Line 1: One noun (person, place, thing, animal)
Line 2: Two adjectives (descriptive words that describe the topic)
Line 3: Three "-ing" action verbs (ex. fallING, runnING, SwimmING) 
Line 4: Four-word phrase that captures feeling about the topic
Line 5: Another word for the noun on line one


3. Write a good copy of your cinquain poem into your poetry booklet with your best spelling, printing, and effort! Don't forget to draw a picture and color it! 



If you have any blank pages left from last week in your booklet, go back and write a poem using the correct format! 

OR go on to EpicBooks and type in the code "czw2480" then in the search bar type "Cat Poems" and enjoy reading some poems all about cats!