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Wednesday May 12th

Haiku Poems

Step #1. Watch this video to learn all about Haiku poems! 


Step #2: In a writing journal that you brought home, or on a piece of paper you can find in your homework packet, please make your page into a Haiku planning page that looks something like this:


What in nature am I going to describe: _____________________________________

I can see ____________________, _______________________, _________________

I can hear  ____________________, _______________________, ________________

Now try and add in some words to make your sentences match the syllables: 

Line 1  ________________________________________________________(5 syllables)

Line 2  ________________________________________________________(7 syllables)

Line 3  ________________________________________________________(5 syllables)

Possible Title: ________________________________________


Step #3: Take your planning page outside and plan your Haiku poem in nature! Remember, Haiku poems are often poems that describe nature. 


Step #4: Come back inside when your planning sheet is done, and write a final draft (a good copy with best spelling, printing, and effort) into your Poem Booklet. 



Once your final draft is done, complete these steps over again only pick something new from nature. You can write another good copy Haiku poem in the extra page in your Poem Boklet.