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Wednesday May 19th

Today's Writing Lesson is a Video Lesson!

Please watch this video below to learn all about the kind of poem we are doing today!  

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Animal Alliteration Poem

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What is an Alliteration? 

The use of the same beginning sound in a line or verse! 


Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Do you know any more examples similar to this phrase? 


Today we are going to use alliterations to make a poem about animals! You will pick a different animal for each line of your poem, and then practice making alliterations based on the animal you pick!


Learning Task:

1. In your Poetry booklet find your "animal alliteration poem planning sheet."

2. In each box, write a different animal

3. On the lines next to each box, brainstorm some words that start with the same letter as the animal you choose. (Example: DOG - dirty, daring, down, digging, etc.) 

4. Next, try to make a sentence about your animal using alliterations on the lines at the bottom of your planning sheet. 

5. When you have all 5 of your animal alliteration sentences, choose a good copy page in your book and make it beautiful! Remember to always use your best spelling, printing and effort! 



On the extra animal alliteration page in your poetry booklet, try to write another alliteration about 5 different animals!